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Review policy

As of August 2015, I'm currently accepting books for consideration to review.

I do not review self-published books. I do not review e-books.

From mid-2012 to mid-2013, I was on blog hiatus due to personal reasons, and I am still pretty behind on reviewing books. Therefore I will be very picky in accepting books to review at this time, and it might take me a while to get to the actual review as I have a backlog of books still to review. Please be aware that I am Canada-based if you would like to send me a review request.

Please include, at the very least, a summary of the book. The author's name would also be nice if you are emailing me on behalf of someone else.

This blog is devoted mainly to my YA readings, but I also enjoy middle grade books and love to review those as well. I read some adult books, mostly romance and the occasional mystery, but don't normally review them. As I work at the library, I read several hundred picture books a year and wouldn't mind getting them for review occasionally. I also have been trying to read more graphic novels and comic books lately, and more non-fiction would be cool.

I generally do not read or review erotica and I'm not big on New Adult. I'm really ace and sometimes I laugh at sex scenes. You probably don't want me reviewing your erotica. On that note, please send all your asexual books my way! Seriously. I want them all.

I don't like reviewing on a schedule because life tends to get in the way and I stress out, so I rarely do book tours. Send them my way, but be aware I'll be extra picky. I also don't guarantee a review. I will try my hardest, but I can't promise anything. I prefer not to review books I don't finish.

I will not guarantee a review on a schedule.

On repostings, book reports, and the like:

Hey, guys? I know you probably got assigned something that I reviewed, but please don't use me to do your homework. My reviews are not summaries to write book reports off. This weirds me out. Please just don't.

Regarding reposting - Quotes or pieces of reviews may be posted on your site as well as you link to my blog and give me full and proper credit. Please do not repost entire posts.

Giveaways, Interviews, etc.

I love hosting giveaways, as long as you cover the shipping because I'm, you know, broke and in Canada and shipping sucks. I enjoy posting guest blogs and interviews, but for some reason don't post a ton. But just ask about that kind of stuff, okay? Also, if you have kind of fun video, quiz, game, or the like for your book you'd like to share - I like posting that kind of stuff in my Friday posts!

Affliliate links and disclosure thingamabob:

Posts of this blog may include affiliate links. I am an Amazon affiliate, as well as one with Book Depository and IndieBound, and link with affiliate links in most of my reviews and some other posts. If you have issues with that, relax, I have earned exactly a dollar through affiliate links in like three years (September 2016 - still only a buck). This is not a particularly profitable habit, guys.

There will be books on this blog that come from authors and publishers. I do not get monetary compensation for my reviews and all reviews are honest. I have had a company sponsor a post once, but they were not a publisher, and the sponsorship had nothing to do with the content of the post. Funds received for anything on this blog will more than likely go back into the blog in some way or another. I do have a ko-fi link on my sidebar if you would like to pitch in for the tip jar. I appreciate everyone who does that.

I used to do posts that explained where I got the books I reviewed, and those can be found under this tag, but I now state where I got the book in each post I do. Lots of library, some I bought, some won from contests, some sent to me for review. On the rare rare rare occasion that I'm sent something other than books (which, again, is rare - this is a book blog) I will mention it in the post.

Ways to contact me and places I am:

LibraryThing: (which is largely for my work books, no YA)
Facebook: You can be my friend here or like my page here

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