Queer Summer Reading Masterlist

I thought I would make a round-up of posts about Queer Summer Reading so there was an easy way to find everything.

I'll add to this perodically as we have more posts.

To contact us:

Tweet me @lainasparetime or Luci at @justluciace or both of us @queer_reads

You can find my email address if you click my "Contact" button, or email us at queersummerreading@gmail.com

The basics:

The very first post made about it.

The challenges and prompts, and the badges you can earn!

Graphics you can use including buttons!

To link a post you made about Queer Summer Reading, check out this post.

To sign up for a guest post, check out this post.


Twitter chat schedule.


Author Interview with Seanan McGuire

Author Interview with L. J. Hamlin

Author Interview with Ana Mardoll

Author Interview with Jasmine Gower

Posts from us:

Luci's TBR List

Luci's List of 5 Queer Non-Fiction Books

Laina's TBR List

Laina's List of 15 Queer Books Set in Canada

Laina's List of 30+ Queer Books Set Outside the US and Canada

Laina's List of 21 Middle Grade Books with Queer Characters


Laina's Giveaway CLOSED

Lucia's Giveaway

Guest blogs:

Guest Post from Tabitha on Sex Repulsed Aces in Fiction

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